Paper Paraphernalia

Here are some images of the paper costumes made as part of my Wob ki vwayaje project during this year’s Ghetto Biennale, which took place in December in Port-au-Prince. The Famn Poto-Mitan and Famn Cho costumes were installed just next to lakay Minouche Alphonse Marie Lourdie in the Gran Rue neighbourhood, home to the artist community of Gran Rue sculptors, Atis Rezistans.

Each day the paper pieces transformed and deteriorated in new ways, becoming stained and marked by activity in this corner of the neighbourhood. On different occasions I found them obscured by neat rows of washing hung out to dry by the women, torn by the wind down the passageway, or dampened by waste water tossed against the wall. Yet, as was pointed out to me, like the white dresses worn by the hounsi during the Vodou ceremony, the costumes once torn and battered, were soon pinned back in place and patched together almost as good as before. Traces of them might still remain even now, accompanying Minouche and other women as they wash their costumes.

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