Audience Study

You are invited to take part in an audience study

…as part of a PhD research project undertaken by Charlotte Hammond, of the departments of Drama and French, Royal Holloway, University of London. The aim of the research is to study audience reception to films/plays which deal with the theme of cross-dressing in French Caribbean culture.


Have you seen any of the following productions?

  • The film J’ai pas sommeil by Claire Denis  
  • The play Ma Commère Alfred by Jean-Pierre Sturm            

                                                  **if not, then I can provide you with copies


Then, you are invited to share your thoughts on the film/play by participating in:

  • a discussion group
  • a dialogue/questionnaire via email
  • an individual interview (via Skype chat or in person in Paris, London, Martinique or Guadeloupe…you are free to choose.)

–    Participation in the discussion/interview will take up approximately one hour of your time.

Who can volunteer?

–       You need to be over 18 years old.

–       You need to be able to understand French.

–       Speakers of Martinican or Guadeloupean Creole are particularly encouraged to take part (but this is not a condition of participation).

–       This study is open to individuals of all persuasions of gender and sexuality.

What are the advantages of participating?

This research gives you the opportunity to watch an interesting film and to give your opinion about the film in a relaxed and confidential environment. Your participation will also contribute to understanding on the subject of sex and gender difference.

Further Information

Careful measures have been taken to respect the private and anonymous identity of each participant. You will find more detailed information in the explanatory consent form, which I will provide you with before you decide to participate.

If you or anyone of your friends is interested in participating in this research project, you can contact the researcher by email.

Contact: Charlotte Hammond –

Many thanks


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