My corpus so far consists of contemporary films and other media texts/performances/artworks of the last two decades, which depict  transvestism in Francophone Afro-Caribbean culture. 

This includes:

Anne Lescot’s and Laurence Magloire’s documentary on cross-gender identity and same-sex desire within Vodou in Haiti, Des Hommes et des Dieux (Of Men and Gods; 2002)

British Artist Leah Gordon’s film Bounda pa Bounda: A Drag Zaka (2008) which depicts cross-dressing within Rara band traditions in Haiti.

Guadeloupean director Jean-Pierre Sturm’s production Ma Commère Alfred (2004) and its adaptation and translation for metropolitan audiences Ma Tatie Alfred (2006)

Claire Denis’ film J’ai pas sommeil (1993)

 and Jennie Livingston’s film Paris is Burning (1991) both of which engage with issues of visibility and transvestism in diasporic communities.

Please get in touch if you have any suggestions of other visual works related to this topic.


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